Our House Swap blog

Welcome to the Our House Swap site.

The ONLY site on the world wide web written by a tenant specifically to serve other
Public Housing tenants.

It is a register of people, who are existing tenants seeking a
mutual exchange of homes.

Circumstances change - and to find more suitable accommodation is sometimes very difficult. This site was developed in response to the awkward way swaps were arranged in the past, putting the onus on the tenant to find a compatible house to swap often by ineffectual newspaper ads.

We aim to put people in touch with others; to let you take control of your situation; to lay out for you ALL your options; to save time and energy by allowing you to find the home which better suits your needs.

You may well spend a lot of money placing ads in your local newspaper, for only one or two days, for only a few to see- if they happen to be thinking about swapping at that moment. Imagine all the potential "hits" you are missing out on.

Here, you can have your ad displayed for as long as you want, and it can be seen by everyone across Australia.



Our House Swap was the initiative of a Public Housing tenant-developed to serve other Public Housing tenants. It is a private enterprise and not a government department. We are here only to facilitate the contact between parties, not to arrange swaps, or to be involved in any way with the paperwork of the exchange.